Sterling Business Law

Areas of Focus

Sterling Business Law provides services to closely-held entities having various needs and in many industries. Below is a subset of the primary areas of focus for the professionals at Sterling Business Law.


Business Law

  • Select and implement appropriate business structures
  • Negotiate, review, and draft dynamic business agreements
  • Facilitate beneficial mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, partnerships, and joint ventures
  • Advise upon Human Resources issues and initiatives

Tele-Information and Technology

  • Provide legal counsel to entities in the entire tele-information channel
  • Counsel technology firms from inception through product developments and exit events
  • Appear on Advisory Boards in the tele-information industry
  • Consult and advise upon industry trends


  • Direct clients through Private Placements and Public Registrations
  • Guide State and Federal Securities compliance
  • Lead Corporate Governance compliance
  • Identify beneficial tax structures for business transactions

Capital Markets and Financial Services

  • Perform legal and financial due diligence for investors and acquisition-minded clients
  • Instruct investment advisers in their registration and activities pursuant to the Investment Advisers Act and Investment Company Act
  • Create and implement Securities Reporting Procedures and Compliance Programs


  • Devise and implement effective and pinpointed acquisition and divestiture strategies
  • Advise on corporate structure and differentiation advantages
  • Develop systems to increase ongoing corporate value

Software and Technology

  • Supply legal counsel to middleware, SAAS, and other technology providers
  • Work with software solutions providers in all phases of their business cycle
  • Prepare development and relationship agreements for entity protection and value creation

Family-Owned and Closely Held Businesses

  • Provide guidance on specific nuances associated with family-owned and closely-held businesses
  • Construct ownership transfer processes considering unique aspects of the businesses and owner relationships
  • Draft buy-sell, shareholder, member, and similar agreements to preserve ownership continuity


  • Prepare real estate transaction documents for commercial, residential, and land sales
  • Support land developers and resort operators in their complex transactions
  • Aid investors and property owners in the acquisition and disposition of assets


  • Pursue and protect copyright, trademark, and trade dress rights
  • Assist in the development of intellectual property strategies
  • Create and manage intellectual property licensing


  • Represent writers and publishers of books to protect interests
  • Counsel to magazine publishing entities
  • Construct joint ventures in the video production industry
  • Serve as counsel to musical performers and video directors